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Gifts of Allah

Gold Plated Surah Kafirun Necklace

Gold Plated Surah Kafirun Necklace

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Reciting Surah Al-Kafirun is considered a holy act. It is believed that doing so washes away the sins and earns the blessings of Allah. It brings safety from Shirk: It is widely believed that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that reciting the Surah of disbelievers and afterwards going to sleep offers clearance from Shirk.

Discover your inner beauty with this glamorous Surah Kafirun Necklace. Plated with real gold and stones around the edges, this charming necklace will help you express your faith in a beautiful way. It's perfect for daily wear, special occasions, or to give as a meaningful gift. With its timeless design and captivating details, this necklace is the perfect way to look good and show your devotion to Allah.

Care instructions: To preserve gold plating avoid contact with perfume, water and sweat. 

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